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"Delahunt's warm voice, gravelly around the edges and big
and open as the prairie, manages to exude the comfort of an
Irish peat fire and the homespun qualities of mid-America"

-Sing Out! Magazine  .
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our hunt is over! You've found me - Eddie Delahunt, bon vivant, scientist, big game hunter, runway model...No, not really. But you can call me a musician, singer and songwriter. You can call me Irish. You can especially call me if you've got a gig that pays big buckaroos!

Really, thanks for checking in on my virtual telephone here.

There's all kinds of information behind this fine lookin' (and only slightly doctored) photograph.

  • My bio (most of it's true!)
  • Information about my new CD (it's quite good - trust me!)
  • Information about my old CDs (they're not bad, either)
  • Dates and places where I'll be playin' (there's generally beer there)

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